Men’s coats and Disco Pants

So, I got this coat in Forever21 a fair few weeks ago. I saw it was a small and tried it on, but it was huge. I fell in love with the oversized sort of 90s look about it though (I’ve had a lot of This is England comments…) and it wasn’t until I’d been wearing it for a fortnight that I realised it was a mans coat; oops. If anything though, it’s taught me to shop in mens section more often; this was only £12.99 in the sale! I adore my flatforms which I got with a 25% discount code on ASOS; can’t stop wearing them! They’re just like the Office ones I’ve been lusting after since I saw the beautiful Charlene wearing hers, but I couldn’t afford the hefty price tag, so I’m dead pleased ASOS answered my wishes for a pair; in suede too, my favourite material.

OH HAIIII DISCO PANTS! Not really lolz. Everyone’s going mad for them, and although I do like them, I don’t know where the sudden hype has come from? They’ve been around for literally about ten years. I’ve had these eBay versions for probably a year now (still available via LetsParty, I also have the burgundy and lilac (!) ) but I never wear them as I tend to only wear tights and skirts, but I do really like these with my flatforms. I’ve worn this outfit three times this week; that’s gross isn’t it? But it’s just so easy to throw on. I actually have three pairs of leggings on here and two long sleeved tops under that shirt, so it’s surprisingly cosy. I can see myself teaming more longer tops with leggings from now on – but don’t worry; I will NOT be sporting that leggings as trousers look any time soon. Anyway, I’m boring myself. Hope everyones uni results are going well! I get mine a week today, nervous! Oh and if you’re a real person and work; HEY WEEKEND :D!