Five Great Fragrances for Ladies

Looking for a crisp, feminine scent that can help bring out your inner elegance? Here are five great fragrances for ladies you might want to try.

Dolce & Gabbana Women’s Shine

Dolce & Gabbana’s Shine for women is a very bright and sunny fragrance that exudes positive energy. It uses light floral and fruit-based elements to create a relaxing and pleasant scent.

Kenneth Cole For Her


Kenneth Cole For Her is a vintage-style scent that uses clean floral and powdery elements for another clean and bright scent. It may be familiar, but it’ll still provide you with a reliable fragrance whenever you need one.

Calvin Klein Eternity for Women


The women’s edition of the iconic Eternity fragrance is a predominantly floral scent with elements from assorted plant materials such as citrus, carnation, and perhaps a hint of sage. Like its name, this fragrance is timeless.

Burberry My Burberry Black


My Burberry Black has garnered a reputation for being a strong fragrance that performs well and lasts long. This is a warm and musky scent with hints of peach and patchouli.

Versace Bright Crystal


As a name, Versace has become synonymous with luxury. With this in mind, it can be a bit surprising to smell the softness and femininity of Versace’s Bright Crystal fragrance. The mix of fruits and flowers makes a zesty opening while a hint of amber adds some musky balance.

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