Unusual shirts

Article Written by : NFR Film

I’ve had this shirt for about a year now, but I haven’t posted it for some reason. I really love it! I got it in the Urban Outfitters sale for about £20 I think instead of £50 and I just love how unusual it is. I’ve never seen it on anyone else which makes a change too! It’s sheer so I wore it with a bralet – I’d usually go for a black bodycon dress or a black vest of some sort, but I felt a bit brave and wore my bralet instead. It’s really not as obvious as I thought it would be and I’d definitely wear it like this again. I think a normal bra might not look right, but a black bralet works nicely and works well for the day. I have a nude sheer shirt I’d like to try this with, but do you think a black bralet would be too obvious with that? I’d appreciate your advice!

My sister took these photographs for me again, and I love how the setting sun came across the photographs. I don’t know anything about photography, so I don’t know if that’s technically good or anything but I like it 🙂

I took part in that twitter #bbloggers thing last night, anyone else think we should have a #fbloggers tag?! Although that’s blatant stealing. I’m sorry if I clogged up your feeds with my tweets but I found some really talented bloggers through it and look forward to taking part in them again! I definitely recommend it! I discussed what I like in a blog, which is hearing about the blogger themselves, not just what they’re wearing. I feel that it makes blogging more social, and us fashion bloggers (I prefer to coin myself an outfit blogger, fashion insinuates I know about fashion. I don’t.) have to be careful we don’t come across too materialistic/shallow. I try to get that across on my blog and show you my personality because my blog is so personal to me, but I’d love any feedback from you about it! Either in the comments/formspring/email/twitter! 🙂