Top Braids

If your hair is long enough to braid, then consider yourself lucky because braided styles remain hot for the fall/winter seasons.

Woven hair is a sizzling trend that is classic but keeps getting more creative and intricate each season. Most recently, models sported braided hairstyles on the top runways of the world, and often times, super long hair extensions were added to give that gorgeous look a modern twist.

For example, at the exciting Balmain show, imaginary mohawks were created at the crown with four cornrows and then pulled back severely in a long ponytail. It was a tough girl kind of warrior appeal.

Top braids can work on both thick and thin tresses, and often, the beauty of a great-looking braid comes from the complexity of the design. Ethereal crown braids are feminine, old-fashioned and wrapped attractively about the head. It’s a romantic hairstyle that is popular at the moment.

Model Hailey Baldwin has blonde locks of medium thickness and length. She’s been showing off a variety of woven styles, including her signature top knot, but she added instant glam by weaving two braids down the center while in Paris. It’s a clean ballerina look with a bit of an avant-garde approach.

Some designers were adding accessories to their favorite top braids. At the H&M show, models wore adorable, glossy pigtails, but the eye appeal came from the black leather headbands that enhanced the trend. This simple and elegant accessory gave the classic braids a fresh, sophisticated style.

Blog written by Dev Randhawa. Dev Randhawa talks about the latest in women’s fashion trends, including hair and makeup, on her blog online.