Scallop skirt, dalmatian print, and sheer tops

I bought this skirt from SpanktVintage on the ASOS Marketplace. I love suede and this a-line shape is something which I think flatters my pear shape. Add to that the fact it’s scalloped and there was no way I couldn’t click ‘add to cart’! I bought another couple of shirts from them too which you’ll no doubt see on here shortly. I hadn’t realised but the gorgeous El Chetcuti models for Spankt, she was the main reason I bought the items as they looked so good on her! She’s just made the (right!) move from Tumblr to Blogger so make sure you take a look at her posts featuring outfits and her photography and styling!
This shirt is another vintage piece which is absolutely stunning quality. It’s a beautiful sheer material and I wish I’d photographed the bottom of it because it has the most gorgeous detail. It’s got a french label on it and I don’t know what it is but as soon as I spy that french label in something I’m eyeing up I immediately think; ‘amazing quality and timeless’ and have to buy it. Just look at the sleeves! I’m a little bit besotted.
Finally, I love my new shoes! I found them in the ASOS outlet (my ASOS shipping subscription gets such a battering!) for £25 instead of £55 and I really love the dalmatian print on them! I’d love to find a dalmatian print item of clothing, either a skirt or a shirt I think, ready for autumn/winter. Another print I adore is ‘whale shark’ skin. It just looks like nothing I’ve seen before! Although I can’t see that being an easily accessible print anytime soon..!
When I said finally, I was wrong. I could do with some help! I’m trying to find some cheap-ish sheer black shirts in an oversized fit with a collar. I also was normal sleeves, not batwing. I’m willing to pay around £20 but I need two or three for some DIYs I want to do. If you know anywhere that I can find these please let me know! 🙂 Thank you! Hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend – HOW much hype was there about the ‘hurricane’ hitting England? I think the most damage it caused was this to my hair!