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Floral skirt and a lace blazer

Farfetch is one of my go-to websites for when I want to dream about all of the things I could buy if I could fast forward 5 years to a ‘real’ job with ‘real’ money that can afford more than Topshop as a treat! I’ve been eyeing up the site to see if there were any pieces of jewellery I…

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White Fur Coat

 This little outfit with the white fur coat (not real fur)  is what I wore on Wednesday when I saw my absolute favourite band, Brand New, for the second time in a week. I saw them in Manchester last week and I saw them at the O2 in Birmingham on Wednesday and it was just incredible. I was up in…

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Cool Shoes

 Ok ok, so I didn’t really wear these shoes out, but how else would I ever get to show you these beauties? They are so ridiculously high I have no idea if I’ll ever wear them because I can’t walk in them – any tips for stupidly high heels?! They’re currently sitting pretty on my chest of drawers. I found…

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