Cool Shoes

 Ok ok, so I didn’t really wear these shoes out, but how else would I ever get to show you these beauties? They are so ridiculously high I have no idea if I’ll ever wear them because I can’t walk in them – any tips for stupidly high heels?! They’re currently sitting pretty on my chest of drawers. I found them on eBay for £30, absolute bargain!

I found this midi in Forever21 for I dunno, like £16 I think? I never thought I’d wear a midi but after the encouragement I got for mytopshop leopard midi I had to give this a go. I don’t think it’s the most flattering on my thunder thighs, but I love that it’s layered and goes shorter in the middle. If I had any money I’d definitely be purchasing a skirt like this one here. A brand which has really caught my eye recently is Reverse – they have so many gorgeous pieces and now I’m expanding my hemlines, or rather, elongating them (word?!), I really fancy getting one of their dresses, this one and this one has really caught my eye. I’ve spent far too much money though since the stunning Audrey over at Frassy introduced me to Nelly. I bought these, these, these and this, and come pay day these beauties will be mine too – kicking myself for not including them in my order, because I hate paying postage so I know I’ll end up spending another 75Euro so I get the free delivery! (I’ll probably get this!)

This is also my entry into the LG 6 Motion Give us a Spin Competition via etcLlymlrs! When I saw the picture above on the left, I thought the skirt embodied the movement the competition called for so I had to enter – with the gorgeous blue colour it really reminded me of water too. Fingers crossed!

Today I’m spending my day watching Season 4 of Breaking Bad, followed by Marcel Carne’s ‘Le Quai Des Brumes’, Truffaut’s ‘Les Quatre Cents Coups’ and Jean-Jacques Beineix’s ‘Diva’. I’m SO not as sophisticated as that makes me sound.

P.S. Just found these dresses from inlovewithfashion – NEED! I could dress it down with a chunky black jumper during the day too. Hurry up pay day!