What to look for when buying soccer practice clothing

One of the biggest mistakes we make when buying practice clothing is that we buy the first thing we see, not realizing that practice clothing is as important as your match gear. In fact, you need to choose your practice clothing with more care as it needs to last longer, take more of a beating, and keep you on the task at hand, which is to improve your soccer skills. Here are some tips from Soccer Garage on choosing the right practice clothing:


Your priority should be how comfortable the clothing feels as you play. When you wear uncomfortable clothing, you risk spending most of your time adjusting and moving your clothes around rather than putting your focus on the practice session. Also, you will end up thinking about your clothing more than what you should be doing during the session.


Even youth soccer uniforms carry the same level of technology that proper soccer teams and players use. There is no reason that you shouldn’t opt for the same level of technology for the practice gear you will use nearly every day. Modern soccer uniforms have wicking fabric for quick drying, and anti-microbial properties to prevent odor issues.


Since most teams run practice more than thrice a week, get double the amount you need. For three practice days, have six sets at hand. You can now avoid any issues with washing delays, extra practices, and clothing mishaps.