Tunic Dress

Got this dress/tunic with my friends topshop discount this week and I LOVE it. The colours are so hideous and clashy but amazing. I love this drop hem thing, I used to struggle so much to find it and only had a couple of pieces with it so I’m glad to see a few bits about with it now. I need to buy a new leather jacket, I have…6/7 but two have massive holes in and I just don’t like my others. So tempted by this bad boy. I also really like this, I bet it vomits on the blogosphere (ha) in a week or so.

I absolutely HATE my hands in this picture and the nails are disgusting, I don’t know what the hell made me do a french manicure, it looks grotesque – I’m sorry, it won’t happen again guys! My rings make up for it though don’t they? 😉

I don’t have much else to say to be honest, had a shit week so I’m off for Mojitos! I hope your week has been much better – I’ll be cheerful next time, I promise.