Stars and stripes

 These shorts have been done and done, as has any sort of flag print, but I absolutely love them. I have a pair from Topshop but always find that their shorts are just too short – I hate when you can see the tops of thighs touching, but apart from when I was ill and dropped to six and a half (!) stone, my thighs have been getting very much ‘cosier’ since I entered puberty. So Topshop shorts are just a huge resounding NO. However, these beauts are a really good fit. They have that extra inch which just makes them, in my opinion, so much more flattering. I wish I’d done a comparison post now so that you could see how much more flattering these are. I also got another new pair of shorts with a Union Jack print on them which you’ll no doubt see soon!

I’ve wanted some well fitting shorts for ages now, then all of a sudden two pairs came in a week! Typical. I have a really big bum which sticks out quite a lot so often shorts (and jeans, if I wore them) gape at the back. Anyone else have this and know how to make shorts fit better?

I decided to team this with an H&M vest top which is actually really long, so I tied it in a knot at the side – showed off my shorts a bit more too! These brogue-ey things are about 3 months old so I’m not sure if you’d still find them in store, but I picked them up for £3 instead of £15! They’re so comfortable and everyone knows I’m a sucker for suede! This is also my new cuff which I am actually in (Pamela) Love with. I got it for £36 in the sale instead of £120! I think £36 is still a lot but it’s really sturdy (old person word, no?) and I know it will last me for ages. Maybe I’m justifying myself a bit much…!