Star print shirts and ear cuffs

I absolutely LOVE this shirt. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it in Primark, I remember something really similar in Topshop a couple of years ago and falling in love, so when I saw it was only £8 I snapped it up – and the nude version too! You’ll no doubt see that one soon. I bought them in size 10s so they would be an even baggier fit than intended, as well as longer so that I can wear them as dresses. I even coordinated my necklace to it by wearing one of my favourite pendants – a gorgeous star with a piece of rose quartz in the centre which my Mum gave me. I’ve got a few moon, star and sun shaped pieces, I love them, I’m such a hippy child at heart – I blame my Mum!

I haven’t worn this cardigan in absolutely ages but I’ve rediscovered it and it’s not leaving my back now! Don’t you just love it when that happens? I bought it ages ago full price but decided it wasn’t worth £50, then I saw it in the sale and uhmed and ahhed for ages as I always do, then when I decided I wanted it – they’d cleared the sale away! I ended up asking if they could go and get me it from the stock room and they only had a size 14 left, and I think it was about £18? I love the oversized fit and the itchy material! And with the beads and the stars I felt a bit like the galaxy had thrown up on me, but I do love this outfit, I’ll definitely be wearing it again.

I didn’t know how else to show you my new ear cuff thingamajig, it goes around my ear – bit scared it’s going to fall off though and I wont realise until it’s lost! And before you say it, I know I have freakishly small ears! I reckon it’s because I was stupidly premature being a twin and all. Also, I definitely haven’t ombre-ed my hair, the ends really are SO much lighter though. It’s been like this for ages but I think the sun really picks it up. I think it’s just where the sun has lightened my hair and it’s grown out, I like it though – which makes it more of a shame that I got my hair cut after this! 🙁 I’m not sure I like it yet but I had some pictures taken using my boyfriends new lens tonight so I might show you tomorrow if I’m feeling brave…! I’ve had a good 4 inches off 🙁 Hope it grows back soon!