Graphic tees and sandals

Article Written by : Cathys Cosmetics

I adore this top by Evil Twin. MarketHQ sent it to me which is an Australian store which stocks all of my favourite brands. When it came, they’d kindly sent me some lookbooks for some of the brands which I can’t wait to stick on my bedroom wall at uni. My favourite brands right now are all Australian, so postage and packing is so expensive! MarketHQ don’t ship to the UK at the moment, but they keep dropping hints on their twitter that it’s in the motions…I really hope so! Although I might have to find someone who loves their stuff just as much as me so we can split shipping! I hate paying postage and packing fees, I spend a fortune on it! Maybe I have an Australian reader who wants to be my pen pal….and by ‘pen pal’, I mean I’ll just swap UK clothes for Australian? HA! Plus, Australia is getting all their AW stock now, and I just love AW trends.

Oh, and can this class as Sunday Shoes? I LOVE my new sandals! I don’t know whether anyone else agrees, but I love shoes like this that I can wear with tights. They are so ridiculously comfortable and they were in office for £10! I adore the pretty little buckles on them. They’re also suitable for vegetarians! I had never ever thought about footwear when it comes to vegetarians, but I love it when I see a shoe advertsied as ‘suitable for vegetarians’ – it reminds me of that woman who eats sofas and tyres, like if you’re a veggie you can so eat these 😉