Appealing Luxury at the Angelina Tearoom

Article submitted by Cécile Zarokian

A step into the Angelina Tearoom will give you a better understanding of why it has been considered to be one of Paris’ most revered gourmet destinations for over a century. The exotic and beautiful displays of French pastries are not the only thing that greets you as you enter the tearoom. The entire place boasts of extreme luxury when the haute-couture luminaries and other members of high society frequented the spot.

The Angelina Tea House first opened in 1903, when it was designed by the famous French architect Edouard-Jean Niermans. His signature Belle Epoque style, featured the gilded frescoes and intricate crown moldings, that enhanced the opulent ambiance. However, the impressive glass ceiling has made all the difference. Moreover, the leather-backed wooden chairs and marble-topped tables, makes it one of the few places that have this lavish interior.

Everything offered at Angelina Tearoom, from the simple croissant to their more complex savory meals surpasses all expectations. Its famous chocolate beverage is so rich in flavor that it is commonly called as ‘drinking fudge’. This is mainly because this hot chocolate is made of a complex combination of three carefully selected varieties of African cacao. Every sip of this delectable drink will make you appreciate its complex flavors.

When you are in Paris, the Angelina Tearoom must be included in the bucket list destinations, where you can try their famous mouth-watering hot chocolate.