4 things you should know about bangs, before getting them

Deciding to get bangs is a decision you should definitely think about. Bangs are a great way to update your long/ mid or short hair and make a statement. However here are 4 things you should know about bangs, before getting them.

Time – If you’re used to waking up, just before you have to head out the door, getting bangs will not suit you. If your hair is not naturally straight or you are faced with humidity, you will need some extra time to style your bangs.

Hair cuts – Since hair grows approximately ½ an inch every month, your bangs will be soon grazing your lashes. This can be annoying and cutting your bangs at home should not be an option. Therefore, you will have to visit your local salon every month for a snip.

Side swept bangs – If having a full on fringe is daunting, you could opt for side swept bangs. These bangs are longer and can easily be styled with most hair types. They also don’t require regular salon visits as they can be worn longer.

Oily hair – If you have oily hair, you might rethink getting bangs. Bangs will naturally get oily, since they are close to your face and hairline. Added to this, if your hair is oily, you will need to wash and style your hair a lot more than you usually do.